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Historical Roofing

Roof restoration on historic buildings takes time, patience, and expertise. At Lifetime Tilers, we specialize in helping you find the best way to repair or re-roof historical buildings. With an extensive inventory and access to salvage roof products, we’re able to help you match or locate tile or slate to restore your historical building.


Restoring a historical roof should maintain the roof’s authenticity and integrity while ensuring its long-term stability. Clay tiles are both unique and beautiful, requiring special care and skills to properly be repaired or restored. Here in the Northeast, Lifetime Tilers is known as the expert in historical tile roof restoration projects, with the expertise and skills needed for a stellar job. To learn more, ask us about how we can help you with your historical roofing project.

Historic Roofing Experience

From Spanish Tile to Mission Tile, we have access to many types of clay tiles for your historic roof. Our Lifetime Tilers team has practical field experience, which begins with a visual inspection of the roof in its current condition. Each expert roofer knows what to look for when investigating a roof, especially when it comes to providing documentation and photos for insurance companies.

When you choose Lifetime Tilers for your historical roofing project, rest assured your roof’s historic look will be kept intact. We go above and beyond, with stellar attention to detail, to make sure every roofing project is perfect.

Choose Us for Your Historic Roof Project

Experienced Team of Clay Tile Roofers

With an extensive inventory and access to salvaged roof products, we can match or locate tile or slate to restore your historical building.

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